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Invite your friends to become part of the largest touring community in Europe and make the most of the great outdoors.

Memories are made together – so why not encourage your friends and family to join for only £51* per year.

As a thank you, when your friends or family join, we'll send you a £10 Club gift voucher which can be used against your membership, site bookings or Club shop orders.

It couldn’t be easier for your friends and family to join. All you need to do is ask them to complete our membership form or call 01342 489 161. 

A chance to share all these benefits...

  • Access to exclusive member-only locations
  • Save £12 a night on pitch fees compared to non-members
  • Special offers on sites: mid-week discounts, pitch for £3 and kids for £1
  • Exclusive savings on days out, outdoors clothing, accessories and deals on their car
  • Exceptional caravan and motorhome insurance, designed specifically for touring
  • Free UK Sites App for easy browsing and booking
  • Free technical help from our specialists, to help them get more out of touring
  • Free dedicated magazine – worth £40 a year

*Price for paying by direct debit. A £10 joining fee is payable if you choose not to pay this way. Price valid until 14 December 2018.

Top questions

How do I recommend a friend?

If you're an existing member, all you have to do is let your friend/family know your membership number. They will need to keep hold of the membership number when they submit their online form to join. Your £10 gift voucher will be automatically posted to you.

How do I claim my £10 Club gift voucher?

Your friend/family member will need to add your membership number into the form to qualify for the £10 Club gift voucher. Your £10 Club gift voucher will then be posted to you.

When will I receive my £10 Club gift voucher?

You'll receive your £10 Club gift voucher within 3 working days of your family/friends membership being processed. If you have any questions about your gift voucher, please call the Contact Centre on 01342 318 813. 

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