Route 500 Scotland

This story happened on: 30/04/2018

My wife, me and our two rough collies set off from Preston in our Swift Ducato Panel van conversion to start the above trip in mid April 2018. Stopped at the first fuel station about 2 miles from our home to fill up. Nighmare - someone hd ad changed the fuel pump handle marker from Diesel to unleaded. I only noticed after putting in £23 of fuel in an already half full tank of diesel. Rang the AA who brilliant sent out one of their specialist vehicles to completely drain the tank and fuel lines. Fortunately I did not move the motorhome nd job was done next to the fuel pump. Expensive mistake - £220 AA call out and loss of half tank fuel. Did however recover from the fuel station around 90% of the expense. Bad start of out five week trip.

We took the eastern route up to John O Groats and across the northern section and then headed down towards the Caledonian Canal to stop off at the LOCH NESS SHORES camp site. Brilliant site and superb friendly staff. Now one of our most favourite sites. Overall the trip was brilliant just taking our time and stopping off at around 18 camp sites overall. The weather was very kind only raining for half a day over the entire five weeks. 

Took around 384 photographs which I have converted into a 1080i video / movie. The picture quality is superb using a Panasonic LX100 digital camera.


Oneputt commented on 29/11/2018 09:56

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Sorry to be critical but not much of a story for such a long trip in a beautiful part of the country.  As David said a few photo's would have enliven the whole thing up.

Tinwheeler commented on 29/11/2018 10:10

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.…or even a description of places visited and sites used. 

While not deliberately doing the NC500 - it wasn’t fashionable then - we stayed at Dingwall, Brora, Dunnet Bay, Altnaharra, Durness, Scourie, Ardmair and North Ledaig. We saw some amazing beaches and, although the weather wasn’t great, a few good sunsets. The whole sense of peace and tranquility in those far flung places was an experience in itself.