Powdery mould ?

trellis replied on 12/01/2019 14:07

Posted on 12/01/2019 14:07

I'm sure this question has been raised before but can't find it. For the last couple of winters I have noticed a powdery mould on the outside of the wardrobe door on our van (2012 Bailey orion ). No other parts of the van are effected .The patches run floor to ceiling. Any advice on possible cause/prevention would be appreciated...Thanks . Steve.

takethedogalong replied on 12/01/2019 14:56

Posted on 12/01/2019 14:56

Do you leave anything at all in the wardrobe? It only takes the tiniest bit of damp, say on a pair of beach shoes, or a presumed dry, but actually not, beach towel to trigger such mould. Leave the wardrobe door open as well, to let air circulate. I’d investigate what might be under the wardrobe bottom as well.

Ph1lTurner replied on 18/01/2019 19:35

Posted on 18/01/2019 19:35

I've had something similar in our Bailey Ranger. It's our first van so new for us. Ours was in close vicinity around the fridge area on the wood. Wiped down once and then went in 2/3 weeks later and still some, but not as bad. Last time wiped with Milton (I think it was). Not been in since to look.

Like you rest of caravan was spotless, clean and dry.


comeyras replied on 21/01/2019 13:53

Posted on 21/01/2019 13:53

I used to get this on the outside of the interior cupboard doors.  Note, I used the past tense, so how did I stop it?  First of all it will go with a wipe down, but you want to stop it appearing at all.  I have been caravanning for over 30 years and first suffered the dusty mould about 5 years ago when I stored my caravan in an area surrounded by trees, in the shade almost all the time and protected from any wind.  I then changed my storage to a Gold Star site near the sea where there is plenty of air movement and sunshine.  In the first year I still got a little but since then I have not had a recurrence.  From this I conclude that air circulation is the key to ensuring this does happen.  Before storing for the winter I ensure all surfaces are clean and all vents clear of anything.  I open all cupboards and put the mattresses on their edges.  I visit every couple of weeks to open the door and roof light to give it an airing.  I was not able to check the caravan this winter from November to last week but when I went to check  it was free from any sign of the dreaded dusty mould.  So that is 3 winters free now.